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with Teymoor Nabili

Blue Sky Thinking
For A Greener Asia

Summer of '23

How hot was it really?

Well, pretty darn hot, to be honest. But why? El Nino? Sunspots? Or *gulp*, global warming?

This was the topic of our very first  Joots session, held at the The Great Room Singapore with climate scientist Dr Ben Horton. It was a Chatham House arrangement, so no recordings were made. But you can hear what Ben has to say about El Nino and other things in the podcast below.

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What on earth is

Joots stands for “Jump Out Of The System”

You've heard the old saying "we can’t solve problems using the same thinking we used when creating them?" Well, jootsing is about new thinking.

Coined by Professor Douglas Hofstadter the concept is similar to "thinking out of the box." But jootsing is not about ignoring the rules,  it's about subverting them. 

Because if we're to continue our way of life we're going to need to break some of those existing rules, and subvert some of the existing thinking.


Our take on "jootsing" is to focus on conversation, engagement and knowledge sharing. We'll challenge the status quo and explore radical outcomes with grace, good humour and integrity. (And wine, when we get together.)

And the desired outcome of all of this?


It's to unite professionals in Asia around the proposition that the future of their businesses, and their lifestyles, requires greater attention to sustainability thinking and action. And to help secure that future will provide an ever expanding body of knowledge, learning and activity that will ensure we can achieve it.

So come on, join our community. Either by participating in one of our live Joots, or by connecting with us below.

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Whose weird idea was this, anyway?

Darian has spent over 25 years solving complex sustainability challenges for businesses, governments and NGOs. From speaking at the UN in New York on fighting modern slavery to talking fish traceability with a Crown Princess on sandbank near a tropical island, Darian has walked the walk and talked the talk. One thing she’s learned that is that drinking pina coladas and taking walks in the rain is nice, but jalapeño margaritas in a rooftop bar are better.

Teymoor has interviewed and debated tens of thousands of people on international TV news stations like Al Jazeera English, the BBC and CNBC. One thing he's learned is that the most interesting people are not always the most famous or successful but the creative and the curious, the passionate and the committed. Mostly these people shun the glare of ADHD culture, breaking new ground and exploring new ideas on the quiet borders of mainstream discourse.

These are the people that define the spirit of jootsing.


Join our community.
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